“However, in order to start 15 companies and define new roles, we had to learn underlying lessons of leadership, success, and collaboration. These lessons have been instilled within me, and, I believe, are the foundation of our achievements:

1. Demonstrate generosity and grace
2. Seek out authentic leadership
3. Use design as a megaphone, not a secret weapon
4. Cultivate collaboration & ambition
5. Take time to recognize success & failures.”

-Kolby McElvain
Beyond Company Building- Lessons Learned During High Alpha’s First Four Years.

Indy has become a hub for startups in the tech space, and the folks at High Alpha have made a significant contribution to the success of Indy tech companies.

I’ve had the luxury of watching High Alpha do it’s thing from the comfort of Fishers and I try to consume as much of the content the produce because they share a lot of great insight into the startup space. This article on Medium is just an example.

Kolby McElvain, a senior product designer shared lessons learned in High Alpha’s four years–you can see them above, but be sure to read the entire article below.

Although the lessons learned are from a venture studio, they can apply to any entrepreneur. I’m a believer in identifying those you perceive to be successful and learn from them—take what they are willing to share, publicly or in private, and tailor it to you and your business. You only need to look at what I’ve done at RLS Wealth Management and you can see the fingerprints of many leaders in financial services.

If High Alpha is willing to share, then we should be willing to learn.

One more thing…don’t sleep on the bonus–it’s true!

Medium: Kolby McElvain Beyond Company Building- Lessons Learned During High Alpha’s First Four Years

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