When The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint Podcast and the Young Money Podcast, hosted by Dasarte Yarnway, get together for a joint episode it can only result in a classic:

Hip-hop has been a staple in my life for as long as I can remember–I’m sure my parents (and my wife) expected me to outgrow the genre, but I still bump the classics, along with some of the newer artists, in my car, office, and around the house (edited versions when the boys are around).

For most of my life, Hip-Hop was the soundtrack for my basketball career–I say career, but it was just playing ball through college. The lyrics, beats, and bass always got me in the right mood to play, and as I transitioned from an athlete to a businessman, Hip-Hop continued to be my soundtrack. Instead of it getting me ready for a game, the confidence, business-oriented lessons, and the beats continue to get me in the mindset to work.

There are many successful businessmen and women in Hip-Hop and if you listen closely to their lyrics, you can learn a lot about business and even take away actionable items for your own business. There is without a doubt a connection between Hip-Hop and entrepreneurship.

Nipsey Hussle might have been one of the best businessmen in Hip-Hop and unfortunately, he was the majority of America is just discovering him after he was tragically killed last month. I’ve been listening to Nipsey for a long time, but in the last year, as I really started embracing my entrepreneurial journey, I found myself listening to him more and watching his interviews on YouTube–there is so much for entrepreneurs to learn from Nipsey’s legacy.

As much as I appreciate Nipsey Hussle, I know my friend Dasarte Yarnway, Founder of Berknell Financial Group, host of The Young Money Podcast, published author, and entrepreneur is much closer to Nipsey than I am–he’s on the west coast after all. Dasarte was the first person I texted as soon as I saw the news about Nipsey on March 31st and shortly after I asked him to join me for this episode to talk about Hip-Hop’s influence on entrepreneurship and to pay tribute to Nipsey Hussle and do our part to keep his legacy and message alive.

I’m excited to have recorded this episode with Dasarte and to have co-branded it for both The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint and Young Money. This might have been one of my favorite podcast episodes to record: Hip-Hop, Entrepreneurship, Nipsey Hussle, and a very close friend are the ingredients for a great episode!

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You can watch this episode here.

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