Entrepreneurship comes with highs and lows–the peaks and valleys. Well, yesterday, was a high as Financial Advisor Magazine’s May issue was released, which featured a list of 10 advisors to watch in 2019–I was fortunate enough to be included in the list.

Anytime we are recognized by our peers it is a cause for celebration, but how much celebrating do should we do?

Most readers of this blog, myself included, are business owners and honors such as this list are great for marketing. An opportunity to share our story, what makes us unique, and another opportunity for potential client/customers/colleagues to get to know us. What better way to market yourself and business than to share a feature on you that was not paid for and only occurred because of the respect from others in your profession. It’s gold!

However, there is a fine line between effectively using it as marketing and boasting, with the latter not being a good look. I wish I had the playbook to help you when you do it the right way when you have the opportunity, but I don’t. I think the right approach is a bit of a gut feeling, which entrepreneurs are used to following.

As Kendrick Lamar, my favorite current hip-hop artist, advises…be humble.

Check out the link to read the very generous write-up:

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Kendrick Lamar “Humble” (WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS)

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