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David Perrell: Learn Like An Athlete “Even the longest projects are simply a collection of short term tasks. Knowing that, you should break down the project into daily increments, and create a series of daily and weekly goals to learn the skills required to complete the project on time. The end goal should be clear. Start by writing down a positive vision for your future. Focus on the end goal, not the skill itself. For example, rather than saying “I want to learn how to draw,” I focused on the end goal: “moving forward, all the charts, graphs, and images on my website will be hand-drawn.” 

Financially Simple: What Are Buy-Sell Agreements and Do I Really Need One? “A buy-sell agreement is a legally binding document that answers the who, what, when, where, why, and hows of selling your business. These legal contracts have various provisions addressing when and how a business might be sold. For example, if there are restrictions or limitations on selling the company, this document would identify those for the potential buyer. It also lays out how the business will be valued.”

The Wall Street Journal: Amazon Makes A Bet On Beauty With Lady Gaga Deal “If successful, the tie-up announced this week with the 33-year-old musician and movie star could help Amazon woo prestige marketers, which have often limited or avoided selling their products on the platform for fear of losing control of the brand experience and undermining their image, marketing experts say. That could benefit not only Amazon’s business selling merchandise but its increasingly important ad-sales operation.” ***I view this as a branding story for readers, not Amazon takes over the world.


How I Built This: Logic and Chris Zarou When business and hip-hop collide, I’m there. I’m also a fan of Logic’s music, so this episode was a no-brainer. Learn how Logic went from a troubled childhood to living on a friends couch, to one of the most successful hip-hop artists by going the independent route.

The Joe Rogan Experience: Naval Ravikant If you didn’t get enough of Naval last week, here is the interview that put him in the spotlight for many people as of late.


For a little comic relief:


High Growth Handbook by Elad Gill

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