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Blog Posts

Entrepreneur Magazine: Business Management Lessons From LeBron’s Lost Season “In the same way, your company needs to diversify your product offerings. Don’t bet the whole company’s future on any one product or service or line of business. Even if you have a world-beating product, your competitors can catch up with you. Just as the world’s best athletes get older and lose their peak performance, even dominant products can be supplanted by new competition at any time. Don’t get complacent. The superstar product lineup of last year might look surprisingly outdated before you know it.

Abnormal Returns: Entrepreneurship Comes With A Cost “Entrepreneurship is hard. This is true whether you are starting a one-person consultancy, a restaurant or a massive co-working conglomerate. If it were easy, more people would do and be successful at it.”

The Wall Street Journal: Beyond Confetti- The Dark Side Of Startup Success “Entrepreneurs were 50% more likely to report having a lifetime mental-health condition and reported significantly higher rates of depression, attention-deficit disorder, substance abuse and bipolar disorder than a control group, according to a 2016 paper by researchers at the University of California San Francisco, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University, who surveyed more than 200 founders.”


The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint: Erica Ballard Yours truly has a conversation with Erica Ballard about the importance of entrepreneurs taking care of themselves.

Invest Like The Best: Michael Duda and Investing In Brands This is one of my favorite podcasts on branding.



Secrets Of Sand Hill Road by Scott Kupor

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