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Blog Posts

Entrepreneur Magazine: How To Create A Marketing Plan “You can’t do a marketing plan without getting many people involved. No matter what your size, get feedback from all parts of your company: finance, manufacturing, personnel, supply and so on–in addition to marketing itself. This is especially important because it will take all aspects of your company to make your marketing plan work.”

Seth Godin: Too Big To Care “The only way to really care is to have human beings who care (and to give them the authority and resources to demonstrate that.)”

BizSugar: How To Set Up a Lead Magnet to Collect Leads on Your Website “As you think about how to set up a lead magnet, I want you to think of it as a “system” to collect leads. A lead magnet by itself is useless for marketing without several pieces that go along with it. And those pieces have to work together with a few processes you put in place.”


How I Built This: Dave’s Killer Bread An inspiring success story with many obstacles that could have derailed Dave’s success.



Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull

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