I’m an avid reader–I enjoy reading to learn, to be motivated, and to be inspired. There are plenty of business books available, but not all business books apply to entrepreneurs; there’s a difference between business and entrepreneurship. Sure, there’s overlap between the two, but it takes a different mindset to be an entrepreneur.

Here are some of my favorite books for all entrepreneurs, but especially for those starting out or just finding their entrepreneurial spirit. These books cover everything from how some of the most respected and well-known brands got their start (Nike and Pixar) to words of advice regarding various topics for founders to making sure you are starting your business for the right reasons and more.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or recommendations–you can find me us on Twitter at @RLS_WM and @Jus10Castelli .

Stay tuned for a future list of books for the entrepreneur that is a little further along in their journey.

Phil Night: Shoe Dog

Ed Catmull: Creativity, Inc.

Maynard Webb: Dear Founder

Bo Burlingham: Small Giants

Danny Meyer: Setting The Table

Scott Belsky: The Messy Middle

Ryan Holiday: Ego Is The Enemy

This blog is purely informational and designed to get you to think; in no ways should this information be mistaken for financial advice. Please consult your financial advisor to discuss how this could impact your personal situation.

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